Road Trip through the European Alps, 25 mountain passes, 2500km
Alpen Rodeo 2015 7. - 11. September
The car at least 20 years old, Minimum 200hp

Appointment Alpen Rodeo 2017 (28.08.-02.09.2017)

A sensational roadtrip through the Alps!
25 mountain passes in just 5 days, 2500km breathtaking roads, heart-stopping sceneries and more than 50.000 meters difference in altitude!


Are you ready? Ready for five days of adventure? Ready for an unforgettable roadtrip across the European Alps towards the French riviera in a classic car? Sounds good? In 2016, the Alpen Rodeo will take place for the second time from September 5th - 10th. Be part of it!!

Magnificent sceneries, crystal clear mountain lakes, snow-capped mountain peaks, 25 material murderous mountain passes in just 5 days, world renowned ski resorts, beautiful scenic roads, thousands of meters difference in altitude, on curve after another waiting for you and your team. In the end, the sunny Cote D’Azur with the fashionable seaside cities Nice, Cannes and  St. Tropez! That’s the Alpen Rodeo! We will cover a distance of about 2500 kilometers, beginning at our starting point somewhere in the Styrian uplands, until we reach the sunny French riviera.

What does it need to have lots of fun in the mountains? For sure, an old fat cat car with lots of horsepower under the bonnet. Get a proper ride for cruising these exciting roads with style!

Alpen Rodeo 2015

Take a look at our review to see what has happened in 2015!

The Plan

In just 5 days across the dream-roads of the European Alps. 2500 kilometers and 25 mountain passes are waiting for you and your team!

Your Ride

Oldschool-class or E(lon)-class. Decide for yourself in which car you want to participate!

The Route

Experience 5 gorgeous days in the Alps, starting in the Styrian uplands and finishing at the sunny French riviera. Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France will be the arena for our ambitious plan.


Last registration starts at June 5th 2016 at 4pm. Want to be part of this adventure? Leave your mail adress and we'll inform you just in time!